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Our Mission:

Helping homeschool families stay home.

How is this accomplished?

Integrity gives homeschool families a seamless, one-stop-shop for both academic support and quality fine arts in a one-day program. This will allow them to consistently value the home without being forced to make decisions that sacrifice the time in their home together.

Multiple stops and driving across town over multiple days can not only be taxing on a family's schedule but taxing on their budget as well. Integrity School of the Arts is centrally located in the heart of Lakeland to help ease these travel expenses and minimize the stress of the constant running around.


Secondly, Integrity provides its space throughout the week to local teaching-artists who need a central location to practice their craft as well as instruct and empower the next generation of artists. Whether musicians or painters, actors or photographers, ISA affirms their efforts and encourages community collaboration.

Recognizing that the Arts influence culture and worldview, we desire our students to cultivate excellence and experiences vital to advancing the kingdom of God through the Arts. We believe God has a purpose for every child that is bigger than they are and Integrity can help spark it.






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