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Enrollment Made Easy

We understand that getting your child registered for classes can be nerve-racking and stressful, as acceptance is not guaranteed due to limited class sizes. However, here at Integrity, we endeavor to make the admission process as painless as possible and look forward to serving your family.

Please review the enrollment steps below and then click "Enroll Now" to begin.

Step-By-Step Enrollment

Review The 

Our mission is to help homeschool families stay home and we accomplish this by scheduling the student for all of their classes in a single day. Elementary students take classes on one day and Middle/High School students on the other.

Click to review the Schedule of Classes under the Admission Tab.

Review The 

At Integrity, we desire to serve your families with the best academic support and quality fine arts possible but this can't be accomplished without a little order and structure. The ISA School Handbook contains the various policies and procedures that will clear up conflict, guide in car-line, and communicate our standards and philosophy, all while creating a safe and orderly environment for your students.

Click to review the Policies & Procedures under the Admission Tab.

Review The Pricing

Pricing options vary at ISA depending on the number of classes your child is enrolled in. The more classes enrolled, the lower the price per class. Though it is never required but encouraged, the Full-Program Pricing is always the best value for your student and your budget.


Click to review Tuition and Fees under the Admission Tab.

Gather Your Documents

At Integrity School of the Arts, we require the following documents to be submitted under the Student Information Section of the MySchoolWorx online enrollment link:

  1. ISA's Medical/Injury Waiver & Photo Release (download and fill out)

  2. Copy of both parents' Driver's License to keep on file.

Click The Links

The online enrollment process is contained within 3 separate links and forms that need to be completed.


  • The MySchoolWorx Enrollment Link, found in the Enroll Now button above, will begin this process and will ask for demographic data, student info, medical data, emergency contacts, allergies, etc. You will be able to add multiple students, one after another, as needed before finally submitting the completed application.

  • After you complete and submit the MySchoolWorx enrollment form, there will be a Google Form, containing a Class Selection Link, for you to select your intended classes for your student(s). The form allows for 3 students to be submitted at one time; however if you have more than 3 students to enroll, please re-click the link and start again for the remaining students.

  • Once the MySchoolWorx Enrollment and Classroom Selection Links have been finished, you will need to sign the Parent Acknowledgment Link affirming your family's understanding and compliance with the policies and procedures set therein by Integrity School of the Arts.

Once these 3 links have been completed, you will be contacted by an Integrity representative to confirm your enrollment spots or to place you on the waiting list, as class sizes are limited.

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