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Strings by Georgina

Students begin a journey towards instrument mastery according to their goals, aspirations and commitment. In addition to working on pieces that showcase the instrument (Concertos, Sonatas, Partitas, and other solo pieces), most of the work will include scales, etudes, exercises, rhythm, music reading and music theory/history. Students will be able to play songs of their preference along with their repertoire assignments and will be exposed to music from different cultures, as well as Standard Repertoire (greatest hits in the last 300 years of music pedagogy). 


In our studio, students are able to receive feedback and prepare for All-County, All-State, Solo and Ensemble, and/or competitions. Along with their skill learning, students will perform at two recitals per year and are highly encouraged to participate in the Sacred Music Florida Competition. 

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About The Teacher

Georgina Pirona is a violin, viola, and cello instructor based in Lakeland, Florida. She started playing the viola at six years old and learned violin at ten at El Sistema in Venezuela. At 14 she got invited to play at the professional state orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de la Juventud Yaracuyana (OSJY) as well as becoming her youth orchestra's viola sectional coach and principal violist. 

Upon moving to the United States, Georgina was taught by Manuel Tabora and played at Macon Youth Orchestra for two years as their principal violist and sub-string sectional coach. While studying, Georgina participated at The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida (CARD) "Arts in the Park" instructing general music, played viola at South Shore Symphony Orchestra and taught violin, viola, and cello private lessons at a local music school.


Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Viola Music Performance at Florida Southern College as a principal violist and studies under Lisa Suslowicz.


Georgina Pirona

Strings & Orchestra





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