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After-Hours Programming

Integrity School of the Arts hosts a variety of quality programs and teaching artists seeking a space to serve the Lakeland area and surrounding communities with their gifts throughout the week. Check out the programs below for available classes and pricing.

If you are a local teaching artist, we would love to hear from you and see if our space would be a fit for your program. Contact Nicole or Austin for availability and reasonable pricing options.

Learn proper string technique and be instilled with profound appreciation for the arts through Georgina's instruction in violin, viola, and cello. Her passion for music is contagious as she guides students to reach their fullest potential, fostering both technical skill and a deep love for their craft.

Esports League by Jorgeandreas

Thrive in a wholesome esports environment enriched with mentorship and fostering growth and camaraderie. Beyond the thrill of competition, it's a space where aspiring gamers find guidance and support from seasoned mentors, nurturing their talents and character alike.

Leap into this dynamic space where creativity thrives and bodies come alive. With her expertise, engaging choreography and infectious energy, Alea fosters a vibrant community where self-expression and honoring God reigns supreme.





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