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Dance by Alea

With 12 years of dance training under her belt, Alea Green, a dedicated dual-enrollment school student at Southeastern University, is sharing her passion for movement with elementary students. Through her expertise in tap, jazz, and ballet, she ignites a love for dance in the younger generation, fostering creativity and self-expression. Her commitment to teaching and inspiring others exemplifies the transformative power of the arts in education.

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About The Teacher

Alea Green is a seasoned dancer with over 12 years of rigorous training in various dance forms. Having honed her skills at esteemed institutions such as the Florida Dance Theatre and Highland School of Dance, she has cultivated a deep understanding of dance technique and performance. As the Dance Captain of Patel Conservatory's production of Disney's Descendants the Musical, Alea showcased her leadership and artistic prowess on stage, leaving a lasting impression. She also just wrapped, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as Sally Brown - the much beloved and quirky little sister of Charlie Brown.


Beyond her performance achievements, Alea is driven by her passion for teaching and mentoring students in the disciplines of dance. Her dedication to nurturing young talent is evident through her involvement in choreographing the musical 101 Dalmatians Kids by Disney in February 2024, where she brought her creative vision to life while imparting her expertise to aspiring performers. Alea's multifaceted contributions to the dance community underscore her commitment to both artistic excellence and education.

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Alea Green

Choreographer & Dance Instructor





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