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What We Are - Integrity School of the Arts is an excellence-building enrichment center; not a parent-led co-op and not a school. Integrity provides the flexibility of a co-op with the quality instruction of a school.


Who We Are - As a group of Christian homeschool parents, we desire academic, spiritual, and creative growth for our children without compromising the value of time in the home.

Where We Are - Our campus is perfectly positioned in the heart of Lakeland about 3 minutes from downtown.

What We Do - We provide academic support and immersive fine arts to homeschool families of Lakeland and surrounding communities. Each instructor is qualified and credentialed to educate and tutor in their respective field with excellence.

Why We Do It - Our heart is for students to use this space to not only grow academically and spiritually but also in their creativity and to propel them back into their local church, growing the Kingdom of God with their gifts.

What Our Parents Say

Regina P.

It is difficult to find a fine arts program that not only teaches quality in the learned skill but also honors God through the pieces performed. My husband and I are grateful for the mission of Integrity.

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