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Studio Art by Dennis of ARTSEA

Let ARTSEA be a studio home for your rising artist. Our classes are designed to maximize growth and develop creative grit.


Our goal at ARTSEA is for our student artists to be supported in their chosen mediums as well as develop a well-rounded skill set, utilizing a variety of materials and tools. Our students learn to discuss their work and other in meaningful ways, by participating in constructive group and individual critiques.


As artists, they learn to push themselves past their own perceived limitations. As future professionals in their craft, they learn the importance of creating lasting habits that help them succeed.

Classes, Schedule & Pricing

About The Teacher

With over 13 years of professional experience as a certified public school art teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dennis Ward is excited to share his love of art with talented students in the Lakeland area. In New Orleans, he also taught private lessons and art-based camps for the City Park Movement & Art studio reaching students from 3-17 years old. 

Because their enthusiasm and imagination are infectious, Dennis loves to teach students and help them grow as artists in the talents that God has given them. His ingenious lesson planning and fun-loving spirit make Dennis a great addition to Integrity's After-Hours Programming.


Dennis Ward

Artist & Instructor




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